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Acres of lush green pastures with a pond and a stream surrounded by tall trees and the beautiful blue mountains of the Poconos on the horizon.  Cool in the summer and protected in the winter... Our farm

..."Perfect for alpacas" said an old Peruvian friend coming from the "land of alpacas" and the illusion of Purple Haze Alpacas became a reality.


Marcel's knowledge as an engineer and builder came in handy in the designing of a "state-of-the-art" barn to accommodate even a good-sized alpaca herd.
Arlene, a former teacher, fashion merchant, and real estate broker with loads of love for animals found her dream in life...

For information or to schedule a farm visit, please call:
Purple Haze Alpacas
Marcel & Arlene Gruter
Phone: (610) 588-6505
  Fax:      (610) 863-6462 

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