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Just some of our finest Huacayas and Suris. Many more to choose from.



Purple Haze Heidi

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 08/02/2004
Color: Dark Fawn
Sire: 4 Peruvian Chief Zimbabwe
Dam: Peruvian Maria Goodheart
Awards: 1st Place MAPACA '05 1st Place SEPA '05

Heidi like a whirlwind from the Swiss Alps blew the judges mind, 2 shows entered, 2 Blue Ribbons. No wonder with her famous Sire, Peruvian Chief Zimbabwe and Blue Ribbon winning Dam, Maria Goodheart and her famous grandsires, Peruvian Augusto and Peruvian Bueno.



TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 05/28/01
Color: Dark Rose Grey
Sire: 4 Peruvian Royal Condor
Dam: Cajas
Awards: 2nd Place MAPACA '02

Her Rose Grey fiber sells right off her back to waiting spinners. Her crias sell like hotcakes (see Purple Haze Onyx) Cadora is a big proud girl and an asset to any herd.


Razzle Dazzle

TYPE: Suri
DOB: 09/01/01
Color: White/Maroon
Sire: Admiral
Dam: Sarita
Awards: 1st Place BIG E '02 3rd Place MAPACA '03

Razzi truly dazzles the crowd, a head turner wherever she goes with her most shiny white and maroon color and beautiful dread locks, with her Blue ribbon among others. She is the mother of our most famous male, Purple Haze Fury, nicknamed Click Click.

Maria Goodheart 

Peruvian Maria Goodheart

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 10/17/2000
Color: White
Sire: 4 Peruvian Wira Cocha
Dam: Super Woolier
Awards: 1st Place Alpaca Extravaganza '01

Maria is a proud Blue ribbon winner, and proud mother of double Blue Ribbon winner, Purple Haze Heidi. 2 cria, 2 females, come and see her latest cria, Purple Haze Savannah, she will follow right in Heidi's footsteps.


AC Queen Latifa

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 07/15/2000
Color: Bay Black
Sire: Peruvian Inca
Dam: AC Kiffey
Awards: 1st Place + Champion Empire Alpaca Extravaganza '01 1st Place MAPACA '02

A true Queen and a Champion. Her first cria, our Mia Stasia followed in her footsteps with a Blue Ribbon and a Championship at SEPA and a third at MAPACA. We can not wait to see her next cria as she is bred to the famous Atlantis.



TYPE: Suri
DOB: 03/08/01
Color: Med. Fawn
Sire: Black Ice
Dam: Shara
Awards:2nd Place BIG E '01 3rd Place BIG E '03 6th Place MAPACA '02

An outstanding Suri with good conformation. The proud mother of our Chrisanto. Bimini is a very alert alpaca always first in warning the herd of potential danger.


Baluga Caviar

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 10/14/1999
Color: Med. Fawn
Dam: Peruvian Fawnette

Caviar is the mother of our 2 great herdsires, Purple Haze Pantero and Purple Haze Von Kyburg. Every year we shear about 12lbs of her beautiful most dense fiber. Only with a heavy heart will we part with our Caviar.


Mia Stasia

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 05/30/2004
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: AC Starbuck
Dam: Queen Lativa
Awards: 1st Place + Champion SEPA '05 3rd Place MAPACA '05

When Stasia was born we knew we had a winner, what crimp and boy what color! Immediately she scored a 3rd at MaPaca and topped that with a Blue Ribbon and Championship at her next show. We can not wait to see her first cria.


WA Daphne

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 06/20/04
Color: Lt. Silver Grey
Sire: King Solomon
Dam: Bonnie Alda
Awards:3rd Place SEPA '05

Daphne holds the Silver Grey line at Purple Haze. She inherited all the genes from her famous Sire, King Solomon. We are searching for a great breeding sire for her come Spring.


Poseidons Princess

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 06/20/04
Color: White
Sire: Caligulas Alloya Poseidon
Dam: Peruvian Adela

Crimp, Crimp, Crimp! An unbelievable good looking alpaca with a great bloodline. A true gem to any herd.


AC Luvis Blind

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 09/28/1998
Color: Dark Fawn
Sire: Col. Cadbury
Dam: Peruvian Sylford

Luvis is Queen of our females, 3 cria, 3 girls, all outstanding quality. Luvis as we call her around the barn, has the most gorgeous eyes with long black lashes which seem to dazzle the boys. No problem, we are waiting for girl number 4.


Purple Haze Dakota

TYPE: Huacaya
DOB: 08/27/05
Color: White
Sire: Senior Accoya Macho
Dam: AC Luvis Blind

Dakota is a pure white doll with her great accoyo crimp and wonderful disposition. She is sure to be a knock-out at the Spring shows.


P. Katrina

TYPE: Suri
DOB: 08/15/05
Color: White
Sire: Pardner's Lil Buckarue
Dam: Diadem

Katrina just flows with her lovely dread locks. She steals your heart with her friendliness. She has beautiful lock structure from her head to her toes.

Many more beautiful top quality Huacuyas and Suris available. Call for information or come visit us.
Heidi and her Blue
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